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Sun (sleepless) in Seattle

Posted by arungupta on November 16, 2005 at 9:19 AM PST

Although it drizzled in Seattle
most of last week, but Sun was prominent at least in one corner. 5 of
us (Harold, Vivek, Mike,
Manveen and myself) from Sun Microsystems
attended the Microsoft hosted plugfest
last week. This is part of Sun's effort to improve interoperability between Java
and Microsoft's Windows
Communication Foundation
or WCF (a.k.a. Indigo). Indigo is Microsoft's Web
services platform.

Sun announced
embracing a handful of technologies that are key to Indigo. An
implementation of these technologies will be available as part of Glassfish
and Java Web Services Developer Pack.
I co-own the responsibility (with Mike) for delivering WS-Addressing technology
in the Java platform.

In the plugfest, we took our WS-Addressing, MTOM, Security and Reliable
Messaging implementations and had a good success rate on interoperability
results. In some cases, we had a combination of these technologies working
together as well, such WS-Addressing + MTOM and Security + MTOM. Reliable Messaging anyway depends upon WS-Addressing.

It was really great to meet our "new" (not so "new" now)
friend and the people behind all these technologies. Kirill
and Jorgen, the guys behind
organizing this plugfest, were there all the time. I met Mike
who is responsible for delivering WS-Addressing in Indigo. I worked
closely with Hao and Pompi on debugging WS-Addressing interoperability issues. Having achieved good results for
on-the-wire interop, Vipul
and I talked about about the ease of programming in JAX-WS when using Indigo
generated WSDLs. It was great to know that programming model ease is equally important to
both Sun and Microsoft. This would allow a JAX-WS client to import an Indigo
WSDL and code intuitively, without any additional wrapper classes. I also talked
with Daniel Roth who is responsible for delivering Metadata
in Indigo. It was nice meeting Jeffrey
who explained the programming model of Indigo. Microsoft also
hosted a dinner on wednesday night (11/9) where I met Omri
(in fact I was sitting right across him). We had good friendly conversations and
I was glad to know Microsoft has a JWSDP installation in their internal interop
environment. And we, of course, do care about Indigo which is why we participated in the plugfest.

Other vendors participated in the plugfest as well and I enjoyed spending
time with Dims (Apache), Eric
(Oracle) and Steve (SAP) particularly. I know these guys through other venues.

also talks about how Sun plans to boost Java and .Net interoperability. See Vivek's
about Sun's participation in the plugfest.

The "sleepless" part in the title refers to the long days and short
nights we spent in Seattle in order to keep our customers happy by providing
out-of-the-box interoperability between Sun and Microsoft's products, not only
on-the-wire but ease of use as well.


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