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JAX-WSA is now all green!

Posted by arungupta on March 7, 2006 at 3:47 PM PST

This morning W3C WS-Addressing
testing task force spent hours to interoperate on WS-Addressing CR
test cases
. Well, this morning was pretty much the grand finale but we've
been working
for the past few months on testing. And finally we achieved a darn good test
few hours ago.

I represented Sun for the interop using JAX-WSA
APIs and implementation
and achieved 100% interoperability. That means all the vendors who had a
WS-Addressing client (IBM, JBoss,
Microsoft, WSO2)
were able to invoke Sun endpoints on all the required features. And Sun was able
to invoke all the endpoints published (IBM, JBoss,
Microsoft, WSO2,
Apache Axis) for the required features.
And invoking is just an understatement, since the report follows a rigorous
XPath-based check on request and response messages, ensures all the messages (4
of them) are received for a non-anonymous ReplyTo, checks the reference
parameters in request and response, defaulting of FaultTo and all sort of features.
All the assertions applied to each test case are documented if you click on the
link for each test case.

The source
for the JAX-WSA RI is available. The source code and binaries will also
be delivered as part of JWSDP and Glassfish.
The source
code for test cases
are available on

The WG
required to demonstrate four interoperable implementations so that
the specification can be moved to Proposed
(PR). Now that the WG has demonstrated that, that's one less
hurdle to move to PR and thus soon Recommendation.

Thanks to Paul Downey, Jonathan
, David Illsley, Davanum
(aka Dims), Mike
, Glen Daniels, Kevin
Conner and all others involved for making it through. We resolved through all
the red squares that we were getting in the initial
and converted them to green after fixing bugs in test cases,
supported assertions and our implementation. And thus "Green is


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