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WS-Addressing Member Submission Policy Assertion Namespace Change in WCF

Posted by arungupta on October 3, 2006 at 4:07 PM PDT

WCF RC1 (probably in Jul CTP as well) changed the policy assertion namespace
URI to declare the usage of Member
Submission WS-Addressing
. The namespace was changed from:


Thus any WSDL published by a WCF-based service endpoint using Member
Submission WS-Addressing cannot be imported by WSIT clients directly. We will
provide a fix in the days to come.

But in order to fix the problem, in the meanwhile, when importing such a
WSDL using wsimport,
you need to localize the WCF-generated WSDL, change the namespace to the
original namespace (ending in 2004/09/policy/addressing) and then
import it using wsimport.

Similarly, any WSDL published by a WSIT-based endpoint cannot be
imported by svcutil directly. The temporary fix involves localizing
the WSIT-generated WSDL, changing the namespace as it is recognized by their
tools (ending in 2004/08/addressing/policy) and then importing it
using their tool.

Web-services  WCF
Interoperability WSIT

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