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Creating and Invoking a Web service using GlassFish in NetBeans, IntelliJ, and Eclipse - Part 1

Posted by arungupta on January 23, 2007 at 4:24 PM PST

GlassFish is
supported in NetBeans, IntelliJ
and Eclipse.
I'm starting a 3-part blog that will explain my experience in developing,
deploying and invoking a Web service in each of these IDEs. Today, I start with

I'm using NetBeans 5.5.1
for the experiment purpose but these features are available NetBeans 5.0
onwards. Here are the steps that I followed.

  1. Install GlassFish: Before you begin, make sure a GlassFish
    instance is configured in NetBeans. If not, then it can be added by
    right-clicking on "Servers" in the "Runtime" tab and
    selecting "Add Server" and picking the directory
    location where GlassFish is installed. I configured GlassFish
    v2 b31
  2. Create a project: Create a new
    Web application project
    by selecting "File", "New Project".
    Take all the defaults.
  3. Add a Web service: Right-click on the project name and select
    "New", "Web Service ...". Take the defaults
    and just specify the package name. Click on "Finish" button. The
    IDE creates a template Web service and adds a new Web services node to your
  4. Add an operation: Expand the Web service node and select the newly
    created Web service. Right-click and select "Add Operation" as shown
  5. Implement the logic: Implement
    the business logic
    , in this case returning a simple concatenation of
    strings "Hello " and the parameter.
  6. Deploy the Web service: Right-click on the project and select
    "Deploy Project".
  7. Invoke the Web service: Once deployed, as reported in the Output
    window, right click on Web service name in the Projects tab and select
    "Test Web Service". This brings up a web
    in your default browser to test the Web service. You can view the
    WSDL of the Web service by clicking on "WSDL File" link and invoke
    it by entering a value in the text box. The result
    shows you the result of Web service invocation and SOAP request and
    response messages.

These steps are described in NetBeans help after I searched on "web
service from Java" in the bundled help. Googling
for this term
(along with NetBeans) gave me Create
a Web Service Using NetBeans 5.0 IDE and Consume the Service with Sun Java
Studio Creator 2 IDE
and Web Services
Support in  the NetBeans IDE
. Both the links contain the appropriate
content and provide all the information required for a newbie to get started.

Next, I'll try with IntelliJ IDEA
and Eclipse.

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