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Which version of WSIT, GlassFish, NetBeans and Plug-in ?

Posted by arungupta on February 27, 2007 at 11:32 AM PST

WSIT bits are already integrated in GlassFish v2. So if you download
GlassFish v2 then you have all the WSIT functionality available to you. If you are interested in a
bleeding edge build, then you can download a nightly
(untested builds) and  install
it on top of an existing GlassFish installation. If you are interested in a
slightly  stable build, then you can download the  promoted
as we perform limited testing on these builds. And then there are milestone builds which are tested on multiple
platforms with a full verification of WSIT plugin, tutorial, samples, and
interop tests.

WSIT Milestone 3 was released
last week. The table below provides a combination of tools, plug-in and builds
that is known to work:

WSIT Build GlassFish v2 NetBeans NetBeans WSIT Plugin
Latest Latest 5.5.1 IDE Latest
b33c 5.5.1 IDE Tools-->Update Center
b15 5.5 IDE 1.13
b08 5.5 IDE 1.41

Or to keep it really simple, you can download latest
GlassFish v2 promoted build
(WSIT already integrated) and NetBeans
Enterprise Pack 5.5.1
(WSIT plug-ins already included, select NetBeans
version and "Daily" build, click "Continue", and then select
"Enterprise Pack" row at the top).

Happy WSITing!

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