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Day 2 at Ajax World

Posted by arungupta on March 20, 2007 at 12:05 PM PDT

After spending the evening at
Times Square yesterday, I rolled early in the bed to attend the morning keynote at 7:30am. And
I had to run before that :) So I attended three sessions before the Expo Floor

, the opening keynote, scheduled for 7:30am, started at 7:45am.
I've a 10am flight tomorrow morning so with this consistent delayed start, I
might have to miss the keynote tomorrow although I'd very much like to attend

Jeremy said even though folks have been using Ajax-like technologies for
years but without Google Maps and GMail, we wouldn't be in this room, not so
many and not so fired up. There were approximately 300 people for this 7:30am
session. This is nothing compared to
keynote which typically has between 8000 to 12000 people in the
keynote but the overall attendance of this conference itself is around 800. So
in terms of percentage, it's still decent.

The opening keynote was by Bret Taylor who founded and led
Google Maps. He showed 5 lines of code to
integrate Google Maps in a website and another 8 lines of code to integrate
Google Search. The point was that it is really easy to work with Ajax,
especially as compared with SOAP/WSDL stack. Then he explained some of the
techniques used behind Google Maps and GMail to solve some of the common
problems of Ajax.

Per him, the main reason that triggered the explosive growth of Ajax is that
most of the major browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera) agreed to deal with DOM,
XHR, hash/anchor encoding and such similar techniques that enable Ajax in a
consistent manner. He then explained how technology/browsers are evolving, on a
daily basis, to make it a more pleasant experience.

The second session was "Inside the U.S. Air Force: How AJAX Is Improving
Communications and Quality of Life" - a joint talk by Tony Tran & Peggy
Rackstraw. Tony Tran, Vice President of Roundarch who build the employee portal
for Air Force explained how Air Force is adopting Ajax/RIA. Tony showed samples,
using before and after comparison of clicks and page refreshes, of how adding
RIA to the Air Force portal increased productivity of the employees by making
the website easier to use. After a good success in their first phase, they
worked with Laszlo systems to solve their distributed email system (higher TCO,
multiple email servers/domains, basic editing capabilities) and IM within the
team and friends & families. Then Peggy from Laszlo Systems demoed "Deployed
Life" which had initial problems with Firefox but then worked with IE. IM was
cool because it allowed a drag-and-drop of pictures/videos from your local

The third session was "Enterprise Ajax Using Java" by Greg Murray. The talk
was about newly launched
Sun Web Developer Pack
and how jMaki provides an extensible framework to
develop your Ajax applications. The talk was full of demos making it more
real. I talk about SWDP and jMaki on my blog anyway, so won't dwell in details
here. And now I'm sitting at Sun pod.

At Sun pod, we are showing jMaki
Charting, Theming, Glue, Mashups along with other cool features,
Grizzly Comet demo,
Phobos CRUD generator,
Web services API and lots of other stuff. All of these technologies are available in recently released
Sun Web Developer Pack
that can be run on top of GlassFish v2.
Come by and talk to us.


Tonight is Ajax on
and I'm looking forward to that.

jmaki web2.0

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