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Day 2 @ The Server Side Java Symposium

Posted by arungupta on March 23, 2007 at 10:45 AM PDT

In the opening keynote of Day 2 (Day
), Joe Ottinger, Editor-in-chief of TheServerSide, asked the following
questions, to an audience of approx 500 Java developers, receiving instant
feedback using little handy devices on each attendees table. As with any
surveys, the data may be skewed because of multiple reasons (not all
participating, voting twice, pressing the wrong key etc). But here are the
questions and their answers:

Which languages do you use most often ?

I could not capture the exact percentage but the priority order is listed
below. This being a Java conference, the percentage for Java developers is well

Java  80%
Visual Basic  

Which version of JavaEE API do you use ?

1.2 1%
1.3  4%
1.4  45%
5 36%
None 13%
1.1 1%

How do you call Remote services ?

RMI 21%
SOAP 46%
Other 17%
None 10%

I gave a talk on

JAX-WS and WSIT: Tangoing with .NET
yesterday and it went well.
The two demos in the talk are also available as screencast in
#ws1 and
#ws3. I
always leave time for Q&A and this time the discussions were way after the session
was over. And I like it that way :) The key message is
WSIT, available in
GlassFish v2, gives you first-class
interoperability with Microsoft .NET 3.0 framework and comes with fully
integrated development experience in NetBeans
5.5.1 IDE

I enjoyed a panel discussion on "Open Source Business
" and there were representatives from Alfresco, JBoss, SpikeSource, LifeRay, Interface21. The
monetization model for all the participating companies was by selling
professional services, technical support and training.
Sun Java System
Application Server
(product version of GlassFish v2) offer
and support.
Read Ed Ort's detailed summary of the session


I spent the afternoon with Joe Ottinger, Editor-in-chief of,
deploying a trivial deployment-descriptor-free Web service on GlassFish v2.
Basically we used the instructions as I described in an

earlier entry
. He was using
GlassFish v2 b33 and was not able to get it working. On my laptop, with
v2 b39, the service deployed easily. And even with b33 it worked. Anyway, Joe is
going to install a fresh copy of b33 and try it. He also gave some good feedback
in terms of how should be structured. We are already
working on cleaning up the website and you'll see the changes in the weeks to

I spent the evening walking on the strip and took bunch of pictures.


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