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Day 3 @ The Server Side Java Symposium

Posted by arungupta on March 24, 2007 at 9:50 PM PDT

In the opening keynote of last day (Day
& Day
) of
TheServerSide Java Symposium
, Joe asked the following questions, to an
audience of approx 500 Java developers, receiving instant feedback.

How  satisfied are you with Sun ?

Very satisfied  20%
Somewhat satisfied  48%
Neutral  23%
Somewhat dissatisfied  6%
Very dissatisfied  3%

How important is that a tool or library be open source ?

Death to closed source!  9%
Definitely prefer open source  61%
I don't care  16%
Being open help s a little  11%
Open source people are communities  3%

Which of the following best describes your company ?

We are an open source producer  4%
We use open source but don't
contribute to it
We produce open source and proprietary software  19%
We don't have anything to do with
open source

I attended 2 more talks on

Writing Big Apps with Google Web Toolkit

Scripting API in Java SE 6
that day and left around right after lunch to
catch my flight back home.



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