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Introducing Sun Web Developer Pack

Posted by arungupta on March 12, 2007 at 3:11 PM PDT

Sun Web
Developer Pack
(SWDP) is a new integrated toolkit from Sun
that consists of a collection of Web 2.0 technologies
that enable next generation Web application development. The toolkit
consists of binaries, tutorial, documentation, samples (including source) to
build your Web 2.0 applications and deploy them on industry-grade containers. It includes
support for building rich user interface using Ajax technologies with Project
& Project
Dynamic Faces
, light-weight Web services with Atom
/ WADL and server side
scripting with Project Phobos.

Check the system
to see the list of supported platforms, JDK versions,
browsers, web containers and Ant. These applications can be hosted on Sun
Java System Application Server 9.x
, Sun
Java System Web Server 7.0 U1
, GlassFish
v1 UR1
, GlassFish
and Apache Tomcat 6.

SWDP comes with NetBeans plug-ins that simplifies the design and
development of Rich
Internet Applications
. These modules can be downloaded from NetBeans Update Center Beta with the name "Sun Web Developer Pack R1". Check out how to build jMaki
and Phobos
applications in a screencast.

Get the Sun Web Developer Pack
Simplify development of your Web 2.0 applications
with this all-in-one download.

You can download SWDP as a stand-alone
and install
on a supported Web container.  Alternatively, you can download
SWDP bundled with Java
Application Platform SDK Update 3 Preview
. The SDK bundle can be
downloaded in three different flavors:

  • Only SDK - Need to download JDK and NetBeans separately
  • SDK + JDK - Need to download NetBeans separately
  • SDK + NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5.1
    - Need to download JDK separately

After installing SWDP, it's recommended to view the latest online Release
. The binaries are accompanied by a comprehensive tutorial
and an SWDP forum
to post your questions.
You can also view the list of SWDP
or subscribe to the aggregated

You can view and download demos, samples, widgets and much more using these
technologies here. Blueprints
provide you guidelines and code for building these applications.

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