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AJAX vs Ajax - Ajax ofcourse!

Posted by arungupta on April 20, 2007 at 6:31 AM PDT

Ajax is a
popular term for past few months but is still being written incorrectly as
"AJAX" (all capitals) instead of "Ajax" (camel
). I started
AJAX but then corrected myself and have been using Ajax since then. So
the correct term is Ajax, not AJAX.

Here is a list of several reasons (some mine and others from my colleague
Rick's list):

  1. Jesse James Garrett

    the term as Ajax, not AJAX.

    1. A quote from the source "
      The name is shorthand for 
      Asynchronous JavaScript + XML
      ". It is intended to be a shorthand,
      not an acronym. And notice it is "+", not an "and" indicating a
      collection of technologies.
    2. Another quote from the source "
      I needed something shorter than 
      “Asynchronous JavaScript+CSS+DOM+XMLHttpRequest” to use when discussing
      this approach with clients.
      ". Ajax is not just Asynchronous
      JavaScript and XML, it's CSS and DOM as well. Moreover JSON is becoming
      a more

      popular format
      for data interchange. Should "AJAX" then instead be
      coined as "AJAJ" ? Or if an application happen to use Text instead, will
      they call it as "AJAT" ?
    3. In an interview on
      The story behind Ajax,
      Jesse said "I thought of Ajax as a convenient [term]. It was never
      intended as an acronym.".

I think the above three bullets should be sufficient to convince anybody to
use "Ajax" instead of "AJAX". But if not, here are some more reasons to switch
to the correct usage of term:

  1. Wikipedia entry
    clarifies that Ajax is not expected to be an acronym.
  2. A

    Google Fight between AJAX and Ajax
    shows exactly same numbers and still
    tries to predict a winner. Is that a bug ?
  3. Another
    to Ajax vs AJAX.
  4. Bye Bye "AJAX",
    The Age of "Ajax" is Nigh
    - If AJAX is indeed an acronym (which it's
    not) then a comment on the article points out some others as:

    AJACX: Asynchronous JavaScript, CSS and XMLHttpRequest

    ADJACS: Asynchronous DOM, JavaScript and CSS

    ADHJACS: Asynchronous DOM, HTML, JavaScript and CSS

    AJACHS: Asynchronous JavaScript, HTML and CSS

    AJACS: Asynchronous JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  5. Dion's (Ajaxian
    co-founder) first
    for 2007
    is "Ajax beats AJAX in all but bad newspapers."
  6. Here is a Google survey of some publishers of Ajax books. They all seem
    to be using "Ajax", not "AJAX".
  7. Some of the common vendors use Ajax

    1. IBM

    2. HP

    3. Oracle

    4. BEA

    5. Adobe

Now there should be no reason to use "AJAX". However if you still feel like
using this term, please leave a comment on this blog and let's talk. There are
some incorrect usages in
and I'll follow up to get them fixed.

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