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jMaki at Mashup Camp Report

Posted by arungupta on July 18, 2007 at 11:11 PM PDT

Thursday (Jul 19) is the last day of
Mashup Camp.
Greg gave a
jMaki session on Monday and today
Carla helped staff the
tabletop and I participated in

Speed Geeking
. This was my first experience and lot of fun to give a
5-minute pitch to bunch of participants. Here is the 5-minute pitch that I

  • jMaki is a lightweight framework to create Ajax-enabled Web 2.0
  • jMaki - "j" stands for JavaScript and "Maki" is to wrap in Japanese (as
    in Sushi).
  • Toolkits: It allows to create native widgets and provide wrappers
    over widgets from multiple toolkits such as Yahoo, Dojo, and
  • Platform: jMaki widgets can be embedded in Java Server Pages (JSP),
    Java Server Faces (JSF), Phobos,
    PHP and Ruby-on-Rails
  • Tools: jMaki-enabled applications can be easily created using
    NetBeans IDE, Eclipse and Ant-based command-line tasks.
  • The biggest benefit of jMaki is that it provides
    data models
    allowing developers to seamlessly change the underlying
    toolkits (for a better look-and-feel) and also shields developers from
    changes in data models in future version of these toolkits.
  • jMaki allows to create powerful

    easily. Some of the powerful mashups that can be created are
    described here.
    Stay tuned for detailed blog entries and screencasts showing how to create

Julian @ Sun tabletop

Arun @ Sun tabletop

Jeremiah helping a customer @ Sun tabletop

Carla & Greg @ Sun tabletop

Speed Geeking Schedule

Unconference Event Planner

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