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OSCON 2007 Trip Report

Posted by arungupta on July 31, 2007 at 3:06 PM PDT

reported earlier
jMaki and
GlassFish, along with a host of
other Sun-led open source technologies (NetBeans,
Project Indiana,
etc.), were present at
OSCON 2007
last week. I spent my entire 2 days at the jMaki booth which
had a consistent stream of visitors on both the days. In case you are
interested, here is what I presented:

The videos of other demos shown at the pod will be made
available on this blog in the
next few days.

I could not attend any of the sessions except some of the
keynote sessions on second day. Of all the keynote videos the one I'd
like you to watch is Overcoming Bias
by Prof Robin Hanson. The professor, an
Economic Theorist, talks about how
cognitive bias cause
software projects to slip. Some of the quotes from his talk are "Be more
honest about writing code
" and "If you really care about truth, you'll
work at it and try to overcome bias

Here are some pictures.

Sign Board

List of sponsors

Welcome Sign

jMaki and NetBeans booth

Sun booth

Sun booth

Sun booth

Marguerite @ Sun desk

Job Board

Mozilla Booth

An old friend - Tim Riley

Myself explaining jMaki

Cool give-away

OpenSolaris and
OpenJDK booth

Joyent booth

Sun Microsystems in the keynote

Greg @ NetBeans booth

Ken @ GlassFish booth

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