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Tango in Sun Net Talk

Posted by arungupta on July 2, 2007 at 7:02 PM PDT

Hear Sun's Executive Vice President and CTO
Greg Papadopoulos and
Harold Carr
talk about Project Tango in

this edition
Net Talk
. The talk provides a progress report on Sun and Microsoft legendary
partnership announced 3 years ago and is appropriately titled "Sun Delivers
Microsoft Interoperability Year 3".

Project Tango provides an implementation of
key enterprise Web
services specifications
, commonly known as WS-*, and integrated in
GlassFish V2.

Greg talks about Project Tango on slide 5 starting at 4 min, 38 seconds
(4:38). And then Harold provides a detailed overview from slide 13 through 19.
Greg calls Project Tango as "the biggest object of our affection" and it truly
is :)

After you provide your email, you can download slides as well.

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