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Learn to REST using Jersey

Posted by arungupta on September 6, 2007 at 5:38 AM PDT

Jersey is the open
source JAX-RS (JSR 311) Reference
Implementation for building RESTful Web services. Paul announced the
availability of
. This blog entry describe the steps to get started with Jersey and
provide useful pointers for further exploration.

  1. Download a stable build from

    or the latest binary from

    . is the binary distribution and is a snapshot of the SVN repository.

  2. The bundle comes with all the required binaries (JAR
    ) and a good set of samples for 0.2.1. Here is a
    consolidated list:

    HelloWorld This is how everybody starts!
    GlassFishDB Demonstrates how to use JPA to
    expose the contents of a database table as a RESTful resource.
    JsonFromJaxb Demonstrates how to use JSON representation of JAXB-based
    EntityProvider Demonstrates pluggable

    entity providers
    Bookmark Demonstrates how to use JPA in the backend.
    Bookstore Demonstrates how to use
    ploymorphism with resources and views that are JSP pages.
    OptimisticConcurrency Demonstrates the application of optimistic
    concurrency to a web resource.
    SimpleAtomServer Simple Atom server that partially
    conforms to the

    Atom Publishing Format and Protocol
    SimpleConsole Demonstrates how to use the

    Lightweight HTTP Server
    included in Sun's Java SE 6.0 release.
    SimpleJAXWSEndpoint Demonstrates how to use a JAX-WS

    SimpleServlet Demonstrates how to use a Servlet container.
    StorageService Demonstrates a basic in-memory web
    storage service

    Pick a sample, most likely "Hello World", and then follow the
    instructions in the main "examples" directory to run the sample.

  3. Here are some other useful pointers:
  4. As Alexis

    , GlassFish is the
    preferred platform for deploying Jersey endpoints and
    NetBeans 6 will soon support Jersey.

Paul explained
Why the name
Jersey ?
- Jersey is a
restful place to spend a couple of days vacation. The
Yellow jersey or
Maillot jaune (the project logo) is worn by the overall leader in
Le Tour. With modesty I would like this to
be the leading open source project for developing RESTful Web services using
plain old Java objects.

And then it could also be Java basEd
RESTful Services for You

as coined by Sridatta :)


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I've made a full simple example using Jersey, DerbyDB, ...

I've made a full simple example using Jersey, DerbyDB, Glassfish, Ajax (Prototype and jQuery) and Eclipse, here you can find the explanation and code (in spanish). I hope it helps a lot of people, overall spanish speakers, all over the web.