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Rails Conf Europe 2007 - Day 2

Posted by arungupta on September 18, 2007 at 2:29 PM PDT

Day 2 started with regular announcements and keynote by DHH. The
demographic distribution of approximately 750 attendees was shown in the
filler slides right before the keynote:

Germany 29% Sweden 3%
UK 17% Spain 3%
United States 11% Norway 3%
Denmark 7% Italy 2%
Netherlands 5% France 2%

The technical sessions and BoFs started today and the exhibit hall was opened
as well. Sun booth was swamped and we showed "NetBeans Tooling for Ruby on
Rails", "Rails and Software as a Service" and "Rails powered by jMaki and

The demo showed at "Rails powered by jMaki and GlassFish" is available

. And here are some other pointers mentioned in the booth:

GlassFish is an open-source,
production-quality and Java EE 5 compatible Application Server. Here are some of
the key benefits of GlassFish for Rails

  • GlassFish allows existing Java EE applications and RoR apps in one
  • GlassFish provides

    high availability and clustering support
    integrated in the app server.
  • GlassFish provides

    database connection pooling
    that allows to reuse database connections.
  • Applications can be re-deployed on GlassFish without any need to
    re-start the server.
  • The development and deployment environment is exactly the same.

There are few others and they will be consolidated in an article later.

Both of Sun's talks today were well attended:

The lunch was quite a treat:

Here are some useful entries (with numerous pointers on screencasts, blogs,
tips & extensive feature sets) to get you started with JRuby on Rails, NetBeans
IDE, GlassFish and jMaki:

The updated picture album is available at:

Use the tag "railsconfeurope" to ensure your blog/photos are

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