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Sun Tech Days Rome 2007

Posted by arungupta on September 26, 2007 at 1:24 AM PDT

Sun Tech Days Rome 2007 was kick started by Maria Grazia
Filippini (Director General, Sun Microsystems Italy) to a room full of approx
300 audience. She was followed by Corrado Sterpetti (Software Practice Manager,
Sun Microsystems Italy). Both of them addressed the attendees in the local
language. I could not understand any part of the talk (except bongiorno) but the passion was quite visible in their tone. And this is what
brings Sun Tech Days back to Italy.

Reggie explained that this is 4th Sun Tech Days in Italy which
is exactly the number of times Italy has won
FIFA World Cup so far. It was
fun when he divided the room in two halves and made them say "World" and "Cup"
as he was waving his hand from left to right and wishing for Italy to win the
5th World cup in 2010.

The two main goals of the day set early in the day were:

  • Learn and Immerse in the different technologies presented.

  • Talk to one of the presenters and share with them how they
    can help you.

If you have attended any of the
JavaOne, this is how John Gage sets
the tone as well. And truly, this is one of the main objectives of taking Sun
Tech Days all over the world. It's all about community and participation.

The first event of the day was a demo shoot out where 5
engineers demonstrated cool technology demonstrations. Here are the technologies
that were demonstrated:

Arun Gupta (me)
Sun Tech Days Event Map
Sang Shin NetBeans Profiler
Leonid Lenyashin DTracelet in Sun Studio 12
Sridhar Reddy SunSPOT
Inyoung Cho Java ME Technologies

Then the day were split into three different tracks - Java, Solaris and

The first talk in Java Track was presented by Sridhar on "Java EE
5, GlassFish and Their Future". GlassFish is an open-source,
production-quality and JavaEE 5 compatible Application Server. GlassFish
V2 is now available and has lots of cool features. This one slide
captures all of them and Sridhar gave details on all of them. He also
gave a preview of what's coming in GlassFish V3. GlassFish V2 Final can
be downloaded from
here. You can try a Technology Preview
build of GlassFish V3
here. If you have any questions about GlassFish,
please post them at
GlassFish Forum.

Sridhar's talk was followed by my talk on "Metro and REST" where
I explained how Metro is one-stop shop for all Web services needs - from simple
Hello World to Secure, Reliable, Transactional and .NET 3.0 Interoperable Web
services. The talk built upon Sridhar's demo where he showed how a simple Web
service can be built and invoked using NetBeans 6.
This talk demonstrated how Reliability and other enterprise features can be
simply added by a click of button. It also demonstrated how an
Excel 2007
client can invoke a Secure and Reliable endpoint deployed on GlassFish
. This talk also provided a brief introduction to
Jersey (Reference
Implementation for JSR 311) and showed code samples on how it enables to easily
and intuitively publishing RESTful endpoints. The slides for my talk are

I had to leave right after my talk to catch the flight to Milan and so that's
my summary of Tech Days Rome. I hope you guys had fun and we empowered you to be
more productive. Feel free to leave comments if you attended and enjoyed.

GlassFish Day and
NetBeans Day starts in Milan at 1pm local time
today. The complete agenda is
here. Looking forward to see you there.

Here is the album for Tech Days Rome 2007:


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