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GlassFish @ FOSS.IN 2007

Posted by arungupta on November 21, 2007 at 12:55 AM PST

I'll be attending FOSS.IN, Dec 4-8 in
Silicon Valley of
(more popularly known as
Bangalore). This is going
to be my first formal conference in India so I am excited! Find me and talk anything about

Sun Microsystems
has held open systems to be the cornerstone of its business
philosophy since the beginning. Today, through shared technology innovation,
Sun's continued commitment to Open Source is reflected in its leadership and key
contributions to the many projects including
Grid Engine,, NetBeans,
and Mozilla. And here as well, Sun is a
Principal Sponsor of the event.

Here are some important links:

  • When ? Dec 4-8, 2007
  • Where ?

    National Science Symposium Center
    Institute of Science
    , Bangalore
  • Schedule - At this this
    this is a list of all the events happening with NO date/time/location
    assigned to them. It seems slightly late knowing that the conference is less
    than 3 weeks ago. And of course there is no individualized page where I can
    pick/choose the sessions of my interest.
  • Register here -
    The registration process is slightly confusing by introducing different
    kinds of delegates and the way payment is made. It is primitive too because
    you register on the Web and then pay at the event (no Credit Card payments).
    The rules are stern, for example no reissuing of conference badge.
  • Know more - Join the
    Mailing List.
    The traffic is becoming high as the date is approaching.
  • Live stats
    of registered attendees is a good. More than 1000 delegates have registered so
    far with a significant chunk from outside Bangalore (like me :).
  • FOSS.IN is still
    for Volunteers
    , help them out!

Where can you find Sun ?

  • Talks
    • "The OpenSolaris Project: Getting Involved" by
      Jim Grisanzio
    • "PostgreSQL 8.3: a Story of Hundreds of Patches" by

      Josh Berkus
    • "The Virtuous Cycle: Sun's FOSS Philosophy and Strategy" by
      Simon Phipps
    • "OpenJDK and Mobile & Embedded: The First Year" by
      Roger Brinkley
    • "Packaging Java Applications for Ubuntu Platform" by
      Harpreet Singh
  • Project Days
    • Open Solaris
    • OpenOffice
  • Sun Booths
  • In the hallways
  • Elsewhere in the conference

Where can you find me ?

  • Around GlassFish Booth in the
  • Likely giving 1 or more BoF
  • Likely giving 1 or more Lightning Talk
  • Taking pictures

What can you do before the event ?

  • Download GlassFish
  • Try one or more

    to get a feel
  • Where can you hear the latest and greatest about GlassFish - Of course,
    TheAquarium. So use your
    favorite RSS reader and subscribe to it.
  • Find and talk to me about GlassFish, I'd love to hear your feedback.
  • And you can monitor other Sun
    FOSS.IN bloggers

And of course, I'm looking forward to feast on
- one of the finest dishes in the whole world :)

I'll be there, will you ? Stay tuned for pictures from the event!

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