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Sun Tech Days Beijing - Talent Show in Pictures

Posted by arungupta on November 2, 2007 at 7:28 AM PDT
One of the Sun Tech Days event is "Talent Show". It allows the
conference attendees to demonstrate their non-technical skills on the
stage. It was first introduced 5 years ago and became so popular that
it's now part of the regular agenda. Attendees do all sort of things -
typically juggling, dancing, singing, wiggling ears, whistling and I
remember the winner at
Tech Days
showed a back flip. And the winner is awarded a

Java Jacket

The show serves two purpose: audience interaction and add levity in
a technical conference
. As Jonathan Schwartz says - The Age of Participation
is Now and this event encourages the community to show their skills to rest of
the audience.

The way it works is that 3 volunteers are chosen from the attendees in the
room, each volunteer gets to introduce them self and then demonstrate the
talent. After all the volunteers have shown then the audience is asked to pick a
winner by applause meter. In Beijing, there was an overflow room for the morning
session and so there were two sets of volunteers who demonstrated their talent.
And of course, we gave out two Java Jackets as well :)

Here is the talent show captured in pictures:


The winners this time performed Street Dancing and Kick Boxing. Watch the
complete album here:


And of course, follow the complete coverage in
Sun Tech Days Event blog.

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