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TOTD #18: How to Add Metro Quality-of-Service to Contract-First Endpoint ?

Posted by arungupta on November 26, 2007 at 5:20 AM PST

This TOTD explains how to add Reliability and Security to a Contract-First
Endpoint using NetBeans IDE.

In the Contract-First, the contract, i.e. the WSDL, is defined first as
opposed to starting from Java. The Metro programming model starts with a Java
Service Endpoint Interface (SEI) and uses
Service Designer
to specify Security, Reliability and Transactions support.
This blog uses the WSDL bundled with the fromwsdl sample of
Metro download and adds
attributes to it.

Here are the steps to enable Reliable Messaging to Contract-First endpoint:

  1. In a new Web project, right-click and select "
    Web Service from 
    " as shown below:

  2. Specify the Web Service Name, package name and chose the location of the
    WSDL as shown below:

    The Web Service port name is chosen for you. Alternatively, you can click on
    "Browse..." button next to "Web Service Port:" and
    select the appropriate port.
  3. Click on "Finish" and the Web Services Designer is shown as
    shown below:

  4. Right-click on the Project and select on "Undeploy and Deploy"
    to deploy the project.
  5. Expand the "Web Services" tree, select the newly added Web
    service and right-click on "Test Web Service". The Tester page
    is shown in a browser with links to the packaged WSDL file and text boxes
    and buttons to invoke the Web service.
  6. In the Web Services Designer, select "Reliable Message Delivery".
  7. Right-click on the project, select "Clean" to clean all the
    generated files. Again right-click on the project and then select "
    and Deploy
    " to deploy the project again.
  8. As in step 5 above, test the Web service. The packaged WSDL now contains
    the appropriate policy assertions and Reliable Message Delivery is enabled
    on the endpoint.

As described in
, Security can be added to a Contract-First endpoint using the steps
listed above.

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archive is available here.


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