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Sun and Academic Institutions Together

Posted by arungupta on December 7, 2007 at 5:52 AM PST

I presented on GlassFish and related
technologies (Metro,
and jMaki) at the Department of Computer Science,
Delhi University earlier this week.
A more detailed blog describing that visit will be published later. But this
blog is an attempt to create a summary of the main efforts that
Sun has to offer to academic institutions.

The complete portfolio of Sun programs and solutions for the educational and
research communities is listed
here. More
specific details are given below:

  • Sun Software Programs for Education
    - Offers special discounts to
    Education community on software licenses, training and software support
  • Sun
    Technology and Academic Resources (STAR) for Education and Research
    STAR provides grants, collaborations and technology resources to educational
  • SDN Academic
    Developer Program
    empowers Academic Developers through sharing,
    collaboration and open innovation. It offers tools, resources and
    communities in which to participate and share.
  • Sun
    Academic Initiative
    is a program designed to introduce students to Sun
    technologies and equip them with skills in their chosen fields of study. The
    students get access to

    • Latest Sun technologies
    • High quality instruction and curriculum and course paths that lead
      to certification
    • Courses that can be integrated into degree program

    Read the entire program guide

    . Apply for Sun Academic Initiative


  • Campus
    (CA) program provides extensive training to a chosen student
    from a University on different Sun's open technologies including Java,
    GlassFish. This allow students to
    lead Sun's open source developer community in campus, run demos, promote Sun
    training events on campus and Sun tools to faculty. The chosen CA is paid a
    stipend :)
  • Student Zone
    provides details for students and new graduates. This page also lists
    country-specific events, for example
    Sun India University Program.
  • Sun's Real-world technology
    that earn you a certificate.
  • Subscribe to
    Sun Student Connection
    monthly newsletter. It provides you latest news
    on open source developer tools, technology resources and a range of
    developer topics.

Finally, get started by
submitting resume.
Hope you find this useful!



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