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FREE chance to win iPhone - No Purchase Necessary

Posted by arungupta on January 23, 2008 at 3:25 AM PST

GlassFish Registration Campaign
promises exactly that! Just follow the 4
simple steps:

  1. Download

    GlassFish v2 UR1

    Java EE 5 SDK Update 4
  2. Install and register GlassFish (more
    around 2:33 min).
  3. Submit
    your sweepstakes entry.
  4. Increase your chances of the sweepstakes by

    telling your friends and colleagues
    about this sweepstakes. If
    one of them wins, you also win the same prize! Make sure they
    provide your email address in the referral field.

The sweepstakes start on Jan 23, 2008 and ends on Mar 23, 2008. I'd love to
participate but

Official Rules
would not let me do that :( There is no need to write a blog
entry although it would be nice if you do that. This however does not increase
your likelihood of winning the iPhone!

What does GlassFish Registration gives you ? - You no longer
have to search for all the latest & greatest information about GlassFish. After
you register, the following information is available to you in the admin

  • Latest news & blogs
  • Support & Training Information
  • Upcoming Events
  • Tech Tips, Articles & Podcast
  • Recently Resolved Issues
  • Adoption Stories

Just imagine the effect of step 4 in the process above. Although
it is not mandatory but it greatly improves your chance of winning. So, spread
the word and win an iPhone.

Good luck!


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hi arun,

the page you gave link to took me to the sun appserver's download. does that qualify me as well ?

P.S : btw, is anyone working on the JAX-WS Soap Monitor these days ? thank you,


App server registration qualifies as well. Are you talking about wsmonitor or SOAP monitoring utilities in JAX-WS ?