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Hold the Date - Feb 29, 2008, GlassFish Day is coming to India

Posted by arungupta on January 22, 2008 at 5:10 AM PST
What is GlassFish and

Why GlassFish

How community
is an important aspect ?

How is it different and better than other alternatives ?

If you would like any (or more) of these questions answered, then the

GlassFish Day in Hyderabad, India
will provide answers to all of them. This
is our first such event in India and we are excited! There will be presentations
and demos highlighting different aspects of GlassFish.

Date: Feb 29, 2008

Venue: Hyderabad International Convention
, Hyderabad, India

All you need to do is
Register for
the Tech Days
and then you get to attend GlassFish Day as an extra bonus
day. The Tech
Days Session
also provide a wealth of information ranging from
Java SE 6, Java Scripting,
Project Metro,
Java ME and many others.

Community is an overarching aspect of GlassFish. Let us know if you have been
using GlassFish and would like to talk in front of audience. Just leave a
comment on this blog to get in touch.

Read about success stories, see
how GlassFish is used in your
and how it has been
. You can also subscribe to the
weekly highlights.

I'll be there, will you ?


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