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jMaki @ Ajax World, New York 2008

Posted by arungupta on January 9, 2008 at 12:47 PM PST

alt="Ajax World 2008 - New York City"
title="Ajax World 2008 - New York City"

Sun Microsystems is a Gold sponsor of href="">Ajax World 2008, New York City.
I'll be speaking on href="">Web
Application Development using jMaki.

is a light-weight framework to create style="font-style: italic;">Rich Internet Applications
using the best tools/libraries and standard practices. I plan to
deliver the talk with lots of href="">demos
and hope you'll be able to correlate them with real-life scenarios
easily. Of course, GlassFish
provides a robust development environment for deploying these

I liked the fact that they put my name/photo on the front page as shown
below (kinda cool):

alt="Ajax World 2008 Front Page"
title="Ajax World 2008 Front Page"

This is the first time it happened to me :)

If you have not registered yet, href="">Register
Today (before Jan 18) and save $200.

Find out more about the Products, Solutions, Free Developer Tools, href="">Try and Buy
and Other Cool Stuff for your next generation Web application (aka "Web
2.0") at

Technorati: href="">conf href="">jmaki href="">glassfish
ajaxworld href="">

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