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Tango Overview - Now Translated in Chinese

Posted by arungupta on January 17, 2008 at 6:03 AM PST

Tango: Adding Quality of Service and .NET Interoperability to the Metro
Web Services Stack
" - The original article, introduced href="">here,
provides an introduction to how different Quality-of-Service, such as
Security, Reliability and Transactions are enabled in href="">Metro. One of the
core benefits of Metro is interoperability with .NET 3.0 and the
article describes how that is baked in the Web services stack.

The same article is now available in Chinese at href="">Sun
Developer Network China. Thanks to the Globalization Team in China for completing this
effort, and Zhen Tao
in particular who did the translation!

Metro runtime is available as part of href="">GlassFish
v2 UR1 and tooling is available in href="">NetBeans 6.

Let us know if you'll be interested
in creating a localized version of this article.

metro href="">webservices
tango href="">glassfish

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