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Travel Plans for Q1 2008 - Fairfax, Little Rock, Orlando, Hyderabad, New York, Las Vegas

Posted by arungupta on January 18, 2008 at 6:00 AM PST

Here are my tentative travel plans for the next 3 months:

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Event Dates Location
Partner Preso Jan 23 Fairfax, Virginia
Partner Preso Jan 24 Little Rock, Arkansas
for All
Feb 8-9 Orlando, Florida
Tech Days
Feb 27-29 Hyderabad, India
Mar 18-20 New York
Server Side Java Symposium
Mar 26-28 Las Vegas

Stop by and say hello if you are at any of the locations! Also, drop a
comment or shoot me an email if you'd like me to talk to your local
Java User Group about GlassFish
provides an open-source, production-quality and Java EE 5 compatible
Application Server. We can also drill down on href="">Metro or href="">jMaki with
numerous working samples. If you host or attend a href="">Ruby Meetup then we
can also talk about href="">JRuby
on GlassFish.

Let me know if you'll be interested in running a few miles together :)

Technorati: href="">glassfish
jruby href="">ruby  href="">jmaki href="">meetup href="">jug href="">webservices

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Drop a comment here or send email to arungupta at dev dot java dot net.

Arun, Where can I get your email so I can shoot you an email about a local user group? Thanks, Sean