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3 steps for successful GlassFish Deployment

Posted by arungupta on February 16, 2008 at 6:42 PM PST

There are 3 simple steps for a successful GlassFish
enterprise deployment - Download, Register, Subscribe. This blog
describes what and why of each step. It particularly
the several unique benefits available to you in each step.

- The first step for any successful enterprise deployment is to
download GlassFish
- the best open source Application Server (see What's
the big deal about GlassFish ?
). You can download, develop
and deploy your applications on GlassFish completely FREE.
GlassFish Download

The benefits that comes along with download are:

- After GlassFish is downloaded and installed, you can easily
register your instance
by providing an email address. You can register by following these
GlassFish Register

registration gives you the following benefits (in addition to the ones
available in Download):

    developer patches - A developer in GlassFish community may provide you
    an adhoc patch before it gets committed in the build.
  • Access to aggregate contents like tech tips, bugs fixed,
    latest news and promotions.

- Once your
application is deployed and you need quality support in
maintaining it then it's strongly recommended to buy the subscription.
You can purchase the subscription
GlassFish Subscribe

Here are the unique benefits that comes along with subscription (in
addition to the ones available in Register):

  • Ability to escalate bugs for an out of cycle patch or
    engineering attention
  • Low risk, tested fixes and features for mission critical

  • Enterprise level production support SLA - Standard,
    Premium or Premium Plus
    . Ensures 4 hour response for any
    question for Standard and Live Transfer for Premium and Premium Plus.
  • Indemnification for both parties
  • Live person technical support
  • Proactive to Sun
    and Notifications
  • Access to Sun
    Knowledge Base

The benefits at different steps are also summarized here.

Sun provides support for GlassFish through our distribution Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 (SJSAS 9.1). So if you have already downloaded then go ahead and register. If you have already registered and ready for deployment then download SJSAS 9.1 and buy a subscription. And be confident of your enterprise applications!

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The currently supported platforms are Solaris Sparc/X86, AIX, Linux & Windows. Please file an issue in GlassFish Issue Tracker if you think this support is important to you. Alternatively, you can Solaris/Sparc bundle and see if it works. I've never tried it though :)

hi arun, do you know if HP-UX will be supported by either glassfish or SJSAS 9.1? regards chris