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GlassFish v3 gem on JRuby 1.1 RC2

Posted by arungupta on February 16, 2008 at 8:06 PM PST

JRuby 1.1 RC2 was released href="">earlier
today an href="">GlassFish
v3 gem works like a charm on it :)

Read the complete announcement href="">here.
The key features of RC2 are:

  1. 260 issues resolved
  2. Large IO refactoring
  3. Less memory than previous release
    1. Control total number of JIT'd methods
    2. Support a JIT cache between runtimes to return permgen
    3. 50-70% reduction in generated methods

Here are the steps for quick verification on v3 gem ...

  1. Download href="">JRuby
    1.1 RC2. 
  2. Install Rails and create a simple Rails application as
    described in href="">TOTD
  3. Install GlassFish v3 gem using the command as shown below:

    bin/jruby -S gem install

    JRuby limited openssl loaded. gem install jruby-openssl for full

    Successfully installed glassfish-0.1.1-universal-java

    1 gem installed
  4. And now the simple application can be easily deployed on
    GlassFish gem as:

    jruby -S glassfish_rails hello

    Notice this command needs to be given from the parent directory of the
    application. The Applcation environment is as shown below:

    alt="JRuby 1.1 RC2 Application Environment"
    title="JRuby 1.1 RC2 Application Environment"

    and the application output looks like exactly as expected:

    alt="JRuby 1.1 RC2 Application Output"
    title="JRuby 1.1 RC2 Application Output"

More details about GlassFish and JRuby can be found @ href="">GlassFish
wiki and href="">JRuby
wiki. Help us test your application on the v3 gem and file
issues in  href="">JIRA
or  href="">GlassFish
Issue Tracker.

Please use the gem and send us feedback on href="">GlassFish
forums, dev@glassfish
or gem
mailing list

Technorati: jruby
ruby href="">rubyonrails
v3 href="">gem


Ok, I figured out how to add new platform to netbeans by giving in the appropriate jruby or ruby bat file. And the new rc2 complete jar was uploaded on the 18th. Now I am still having this Tomcat issue because RC2 has a different scheme for finding gems than RC1. Help! Thanks, Peter

Arun, Two more related issues, what about jruby-complete I don't see a new version. Is it still needed to deploy to say Tomcat? Also as far as gem, when I am running in Tomcat, jruby points to this 'default user\.jruby' directory for all the gems even though they are included in the war. Does this explosion happen at deployment time?

It's not clear to me how to add RC2 to netbeans 6.1 m1. It supports multiple ruby platform. It expect a file with a specific format to help it identify the platform. I don't see such a file in the zip. Thanks, Peter