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Screencast #23: Social Software for GlassFish - Blogging, Tagging & Content Rating

Posted by arungupta on February 19, 2008 at 6:18 AM PST
href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 414px; height: 235px;"
alt="Social Software for GlassFish"
title="Social Software for GlassFish"

Social Software for GlassFish provides an integrated suite of Blogging,
Tagging and Content Rating on GlassFish.
More details about this suite are available href="">here.

screencast explains how this integrated suite of software can
easily downloaded using GlassFish
Update Center
, how different components are
seamlessly integrated and can be used.

it here!

More screencasts focused on each individual topic are available href="">here.

An offline version (downloadable zip file) of this screencast is
available href="">here.
A complete list of screencasts is available on href="">GlassFish

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All available Social Software for Glassfish (SSG) docs are on the Community Docs page. Regarding themes, the blog server is based on Roller, so you can refer to Roller docs for theming information and these blog posts. At this point, we're not ready to release API docs on how to integrate other apps into SSG.

Is there any additional information about the project - I was hoping to find more advanced topics like creating custom themes, adding new 'servers' (a wiki server and a forums server spring to mind) etc. Thanks, Don

Nice work, Arun! It's a real good overview!

On the storage backend, I see JavaDB, Oracle, MySQL... what about JCR (Java Content Repository)?
Especially when thinking of a whole stack of social software (like you guys do), storing content in a content repository provides great benefits. For example, think of being able to provide content to all enclosed and also other applications on the semantic level of the content and not of database tables.

Thanks for the input. We considered wide variety of technologies for SSG, including CMS with JCR support, Wikis, and more. But we are redesigning SSG and the final product(s) may be different from what you see in EA2