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JRuby 1.1 RC3 released - Last chance to file bugs

Posted by arungupta on March 25, 2008 at 8:03 AM PDT

1.1 RC3
(third and final release candidate) was href="">released
last week. The highlights are:

  • 58 issues resolved since JRuby 1.1RC2
  • ri/rdoc w/ documentation included in distribution
  • More IO corner cases fixed (popen, reopen)
  • Several small bottlenecks fixed

This is your last chance to report any issues before JRuby 1.1 goes
final. And I encourage you to try out href="">GlassFish
v3 Gem ( href="">ver
0.1.2) on this JRuby version and file any issues.

Why should you try ? Read in a detailed article - href="">Rails
powered by GlassFish Application Server.

The gem can be installed using the following command:

arungupta$ bin/jruby -S gem install glassfish

JRuby limited openssl loaded. gem install jruby-openssl for full

Updating metadata for 108 gems from

installed glassfish-0.1.2-universal-java

1 gem installed

Previous entries showing code samples are tagged with href="">v3+gem.

All the latest information about the gem can be found at href="">GlassFish
JRuby wiki or href="">JRuby

Please use the gem and send us feedback on href="">GlassFish
forums, dev@glassfish
or gem
mailing list

File issues in  href="">JIRA
or href="">RubyForge
or href="">GlassFish
Issue Tracker.

Technorati: href="">rubyonrails
jruby href="">ruby href="">glassfish
v3 href="">gem

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