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Rails powered by the GlassFish Application Server - New Article

Posted by arungupta on March 22, 2008 at 8:46 PM PDT
Do you know there are several advantags of deploying href="">Ruby-on-Rails
applications on GlassFish
instead of traditional Apache/Mongrel ?

Here they are:
  • Identical Development and Deployment Environments
  • Multiple Applications in One Container
  • Multiple Requests by a Single Application
  • Redeploying an Application
  • Clustering, Load Balancing, and High Availability
  • Database Connection Pooling
  • Cohosting Ruby-on-Rails and Java EE Applications

Read all the details about these bullets in a new article that is
recently published at  href="">Rails
powered by the GlassFish Application Server. Thanks to href="">Rick Palkovic
for his tireless efforts in pursuing me for the article and making it a
success :)

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or leave a comment on the blog.

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