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Travel Schedule - Next 5 weeks

Posted by arungupta on March 17, 2008 at 5:10 AM PDT

Here is my travel schedule for next 5 weeks:

Mar 17-21 Ajax World, New York href="">Web
Application Development using jMaki
Mar 25-26 The Server Side Java Symposium, Las Vegas href="">Rails
powered by GlassFish & jMaki
Mar 27 Developer Update, href="">St
Louis Westport DoubleTree, FREE event
Source Web Services stack in GlassFish
Mar 28 Developer Update, Kansas City, FREE event href="">Rich
Internet Applications and GlassFish
Apr 16-19 href="">FISL,
Web 2.0 Application Development
using jMaki and

Asynchronous Ajax for Revolutionary Web Applications

Stop by and say hello if you are present at any of the events. You'll
hear about different GlassFish

  • How Metro
    provides enterprise-grade open source Web services stack for meeting
    all your needs
  • How jMaki
    allows you to create Rich Internet Applications
  • How Rails
    applications can be powered by href="">GlassFish
    & jMaki
  • Asynchronous Ajax that allows you to scale your
    applications tremendously
  • And any other topic that you are interested in :)

Drop a comment if you are interested in a run or meal together ?

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