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BizTalk Servics SDK, GlassFish and Metro

Posted by arungupta on April 1, 2008 at 9:18 PM PDT

Microsoft BizTalk R11
was released last week and now contains a sample that is
based on GlassFish,
Metro and href="">NetBeans. Even though
today is April 1st, this is not intended to be an href="">April
Fool's Day joke. Read more about the sample in this href=",guid,798bbf5b-f9f9-45b9-87ba-f6a30c359af9.aspx">blog
entry. The relevant bits from the entry are quoted below:

The sample shows how to
use the BizTalk Services Identity Security Token Service (STS) to
secure the communication between a Java client and a Java service
providing federated authentication and claims-based authorization. The
sample, which you can find in
./Samples/OtherPlatforms/StandaloneAccessControl/JavaEE5 once you
installed the SDK, is a pure
Java sample
not requiring any of our bits on either the
service or client side. The interaction
with our services is purely happening on the wire

The style="font-weight: bold;">Metro team over at
Sun Microsystems has made
a very significant contribution to making this all work
Before we started making changes to accommodate Java, there would have
been very little hope for anyone to get this seemingly simple scenario
to work. We had to make quite a few changes even though our service did
follow the specs.

As a result of this
collaboration, href="">Metro
is going to
be a better and more interoperable release for the Sun's customers and
the greater Java community and BizTalk Services
as well as
our future identity products will be better and more interoperable,
too. Win-Win. Thank you,

Thank you Microsoft for adding this sample to the BizTalk Services SDK.

Metro team demonstrated a href="">similar
demo at href="">JavaOne
2007. The demo shows how an Excel 2007 client can invoke a
secure and reliable endpoint deployed on GlassFish. The entire source
code for the sample, along with instructions to build, are available href="">here.

This is possible today because of our participation in previous 6
plugfests ( href="">Mar
2008, href="">Nov
2007, href="">Jul
2007, href="">Oct
2006, href="">Mar
2006, href="">Nov
2005) hosted by Microsoft.

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