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GlassFish Metro Web Services Training Course

Posted by arungupta on April 5, 2008 at 2:23 PM PDT

in understanding the nitty gritty details of how href="">Metro in href="">GlassFish
provides Secure, Reliable, Transactional and .NET 3.0 interoperable Web
services ? You can certainly read all about it in href="">Metro Users Guide,
post questions to href="">Metro
Forum, subscribe to href="">Metro Blogs
or The

But now there is a new 5 hours Web-based course, href="">WTMB-SAS-1500,
from Sun Training.
The course content is organized in 5 different modules:

  • WMT-SAS-1543:Adding Quality of Service and .NET
    Interoperability to Web Services
  • WMT-SAS-2544: Creating Reliable and Secure
    Interoperable Web Services
  • WMT-SAS-2545: Creating Transactional Web Services
  • WMT-SAS-2546: Working With the Web Services Policy
  • WMT-SAS-2547: Brokered Trust

Each module explains What/Why/How of each technology and then shows a
complete demo using NetBeans on how to use that feature. The course can
be taken within 365 days after the purchase. Read more details href="">here.

Here are some other related courses:

  • href="">WMT-SAS-1536:
    GlassFish Application Server Introduction
  • href="">WMTB-SAS-1600:
    GlassFish Application Server Administration Bundle

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metro href="">webservices

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Phobos is still active. The Phobos Nb integration is now part of the latest NetBeans 6.1 Beta Update Center, and it rocks with the most improved JavaScript Support in the Nb editor. A Phobos GlassFish V3 container will be available soon. We do not have a lot of time to update the site:-(

Hi Arun. What is the status of project Phobos? No new info on project site.