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jMaki Webtop on GlassFish - Ajax World Keynote Video

Posted by arungupta on April 15, 2008 at 11:20 AM PDT

jMaki Webtop
is a light-weight href="">Mashup
Framework based on jMaki
widgets. The webtop was href="">demonstrated
at Ajax World East 2008 keynote. The key features are:

  • Simple & easy to use (runs in browser)
  • Extensible (add your own widgets & gadgets)
  • Manageable (create users)
  • Persistent (Google Gears on the client, Database on the
  • Shared (read-only views can be shared with other users)

A 30-minute video of the Ajax World keynote session is available href="">here
and shows webtop in action :) The keynote deployed the webtop as a WAR
file on GlassFish.
A live PHP version of webtop is available at href="">

You can download the entire source code from the href="">subversion
repository and run it yourself.

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