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JRuby 1.1 released - ready for production!

Posted by arungupta on April 9, 2008 at 9:00 AM PDT

JRuby 1.1 is href="">released
and ready for production use today. You can unleash the potential in 3
simple steps - href="">download,
unzip & get
. Here is a quote from the announcement:

more and more reports of
applications exceeding Ruby 1.8.6 performance; we are even beating Ruby
1.9 in some microbenchmarks

This is validated by href="">1
(Oct 2007), href="">2
(Nov 2007), href="">3
(Feb 2008), href="">4
(Feb 2008) and many other hidden/unknown reports. You can easily
configure JRuby 1.1 as the platform of your choice in href="">NetBeans 6.1 as
described in href="">TOTD

Now, match this blazing performance of JRuby with href="">GlassFish
v3 gem (only 2.4 Mb) which provides a href="">superior
solution for developing and deploying Rails application. The
main reasons for using GlassFish instead of WEBrick/Mongrel/LightTPD

  • Identical development and deployment environments
  • Handles multiple requests by maintaining JRuby runtimes and
    database connection pools
  • Ability to redploy an application without restarting
  • In-built Clustering, Load Balancing, and High Availability
  • Allows to leverage investment in a Java EE infrastructure
    and cohosting Ruby-on-Rails and Java EE applications

All the above mentioned reasons, and much more, are explained in detail
in href="">Rails
powered by the GlassFish Application Server.

The gem installation is extremely simple as shown below:

>bin/jruby -S gem
install glassfish

JRuby limited openssl loaded. gem install jruby-openssl for full

Updating metadata for 93 gems from



Successfully installed glassfish-0.1.2-universal-java

1 gem installed

After the gem is installed, get started by developing a simple href="">scaffold
application or href="">Mephisto.

If you are attending JavaOne
, then href="">LAB
8400 will show how to develop and deploy Rails applications
using NetBeans
and deploy them on GlassFish.
4520 will teach you more about the modular and pluggable href="">GlassFish
v3 architecture.

JRuby wiki
or href="">JRuby
wiki gives you all the latest information about
JRuby-on-Rails and GlassFish.

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v3 href="">gem

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