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JavaOne 2008 Wrapup

Posted by arungupta on May 13, 2008 at 6:10 AM PDT

JavaOne 2008 is finally over ... 9th consecutive one for me and
extremely busy as always!

  • John
    talked about href="">GlassFish
    related announcements. Some important
    • "Sun Java System Application Server" is now "Sun
      GlassFish Enterprise Server"
    • GlassFish Enterprise Server Unlimited (page coming soon)
      - Deploy as much as GlassFish Enterprise Server
    • href="">GlassFish
      Initiative for Technology Partners
    • GlassFish
    • Sun GlassFish Communications Server is the product
      version of SailFin
    • GlassFish v3 Technology Preview 2 was released with
      NetBeans and Eclipse support
    • Other details in href="">John's

And now let me talk about my formal speaking engagements (including the

  • JavaU Bonus
    Evening Course on GlassFish Application Server
    - href="">Shreedhar
    and I delivered a href="">Bonus
    Evening Course on GlassFish in JavaU. We talked about
    GlassFish in depth - general overview, concepts, href="">Metro Web services,
    languages support
    , high availability/clustering and lots of
    other details. The slides for the course are available href="">here.

    Read more details in href="">Shreedhar's
  • GlassFish
    - href="">Vivek
    and I led the "Scripting in GlassFish" session @ href="">GlassFish
    and then I led the "Web services" session. It was very free-form forum,
    basically answering questions/clarifications from the participants and
    seeking feedback on our direction.

    It was great to know that people love href="">Metro support in href="">NetBeans and are some
    are using the IDE for that reason only.
  • Scripting in
    GlassFish (BOF 5111)
    - href="">Vivek
    and I presented on "Scripting in GlassFish"and explained the support
    for different dynamic languages such as Ruby/Rails, Groovy/Grails,
    Python/Django on GlassFish. This preso showed bunch of demos including
    GlassFish v3 gem installation and deployment (screencast coming soon),
    GlassFish v3 Update Center, Rails Development/Deployment options,
    Groovy/Grails and Python/Django deployment. The slides are available href="">here.

    You can find the latest information about support for different dynamic
    languages on
  • Lab 4530:
    Building Rich Web Applications with jMaki
    - href="">Doris
    and I delivered href="">Lab
    4530: Building Rich Web Applications with jMaki. If you could
    not attend JavaOne, then you can follow the href="">instructions
    at your own pace and href="">download
    the entire lab.

    The complete material for all JavaOne 2008 Hands-on-Labs is
    available href="">here.
    The material is pretty comprehensive and of high quality. I highly
    recommend refering to this material for sharpening your skills.
  • Tic Tac Tac @
    General Session Keynote
    - I
    presented "Tic Tac Toe Demo" at General Session Keynote on Tuesday
    afternoon. This demo was a multi-player game developed in multiple
    scripting languages (Ruby, Groovy and Python) and their associated Web
    frameworks (Rails, Grails and Django) and all deployed on GlassFish v3
    TP2. The main idea was to showcase multi-lingual support on GlassFish
    v3 and still able to use GlassFish features such as href="">GlassFish Comet
    to push the events to browser. The entire source code for the demo will
    be released shortly and I'll announce the availability.

    You can watch the entire video href="">here
    (starting at approx 1:10 into it). Hope you enjoy the href="">War Games-esque
    look-and-feel. It was a keynote demo href="">Hat-trick
    for me ( href="">jMaki/Phobos
    @ 2007, href="">.NET
    Interoperability @ 2006. I'm happy to be labeled as
    "GlassFish Guy" :)

then of course I met lots of others at the booth, in
hallway/sessions/parties and elsewhere. I've taken few action items for
generating new blogs/screencasts and they'll appear shortly on this

I took lots of pictures through out the event and posted them
regularly. They are all available href="">here.
A consolidated album is inlined:

height="192" width="288">

Hope you had a great JavaOne and we were able to share our current
roadmap and future plans with you successfully.

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