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Screencast #24: Getting Started with GlassFish v3 TP2

Posted by arungupta on May 4, 2008 at 8:11 AM PDT

GlassFish v3
Technology Preview 2 (aka TP2) is href="">now
released ... yaaay! href="">Dowload
it here.

href=""> title="Screencast #24: Getting Started with GlassFish v3 TP2"
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 239px; height: 183px;" alt=""
GlassFish v3 has a modular
(based on OSGi framework), light-weight
(small kernel and fast startup time) and style="font-weight: bold;">extensible (support
for dynamic languages like JRuby and Groovy) architecture. Along with
it, a new NetBeans
plug-in (that replaces the existing one) is also released. The plug-in
is available from the NetBeans Beta Update Center. It allows GlassFish
v3 TP2 download and install in a matter of few seconds, yep that's less
than a minute :)

A new GlassFish release with a new NetBeans plug-in deserve a new href="">screencast
:) It shows how to install the plug-in, download and install GlassFish
v3 TP2, develop and deploy a simple web application with JSP and
Servlets on the newly installed GlassFish.

it here!

An offline version (downloadable zip file) of this screencast is
available href="">here.
A complete list of GlassFish related screencasts is available on href="">GlassFish

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or href="">GlassFish

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