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Socialsite @ Enterprise 2.0 Conference - Add social networking to your community

Posted by arungupta on May 22, 2008 at 6:22 AM PDT

Sun Microsytems
is a sponsor of Enterprise
2.0 Conference
(Jul 9-12, 2008, Boston).

The conference has regular href="">tutorials,
and general sessions, href="">multiple
tracks and href="">pavilion
(even a href="">free
pavilion pass). They also have href="">Launch Pad
that allow companies developing new social networking products to
compete for the chance to present them in front of the largest audience
in the Enterprise 2.0 community.

There are 8 companies in Round 2 and each one of them has submitted a
video highlighting their offering. One of the semi-finalists
is Project
- an offering from Sun

Project SocialSite makes it easy to add social networking features to
your existing web applications or community sites (running on Java, PHP
or Ruby) and turn it into an href="">OpenSocial
container. It comes with a comprehensive and highly scalable
implementation of social graph, integrates seamlessly with existing
identity and authentication mechanism, make it easy to plug into
existing directory server or other user management systems.

The submitted
shows how easy it is add social networking features
(such as Profile, Friends and Activity) to href="">MediaWiki
by adding simple tags. We hope you like the functionality shown and
give us a higher rating to help us qualify for finals :)

Follow the conference
, href="">Facebook
group or participate using href="">conference

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