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FREE Hosting for Facebook & OpenSocial Developers - Social App Program

Posted by arungupta on July 23, 2008 at 6:44 AM PDT

Are you developing Facebook
and/or OpenSocial
applications ?

Would you like to deploy them and monetize before spending any money on
infrastructure ?

href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 181px; height: 233px;" alt=""
href="">Social App Program
is a new collaborative offering from Sun
and Joyent
that allows you to do exactly that! It allows you to leverage
Scalability and Cost-effectiveness of Joyent's cloud powered by href="">OpenSolaris on
Sun's renowned reliable servers and storage for deploying critical
applications. And all this completely FREE for 12 months.

This program is also accompanied with FREE Sun-Joyent Social Developer
Days planned for 8 cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle,
Vancouver, Chicago, Boston, New
York and Austin/Dallas) in the US later this year to learn and
get hands-on experience
on writing applications which can scale to million of users. Learn how
to architect, develop and deploy web-scale applications on Cloud
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All details are available here.
Also read the href="">official
press release.

FREE infrastructure with FREE training for YOU to write
Facebook/OpenSocial apps - cool!

Is yours a startup company and under-equipped on infrastructure ? Join href="">Startup Essentials
today for FREE and discounted enterprise-class software, discounted
partner hosting & storage and much more - apply online and
membership FREE! Very minimal href="">eligibility
requirements and you can join href="">inside
the US or href="">outside
the US.

Technorati: sun
cloud href="">opensolaris

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It sounds very exciting. But after I took a look, it seems: (1) free for one year (2)Java is not supported - that is surprising because Sun is involving. PHP, Rails, and Python are on the list.

(1) That's correct. This free hosting offer is available for 12 months. After 12 months, you can sign up for one of the Joyent plans (, or you can become a Sun Startup Essentials member* (requirements apply) and enjoy deep discounts for hosting services, or for Sun servers (priced as low as $750). Sun Startup Essential membership is absolutely free. (2) Java is also supported. We'll make sure it's communicated more clearly on the Joyent's website. * For startups with fewer than 150 employees and less than 3 years old.

I am glad to see Java is supported!