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Single Sign On using Sun Access Manager and JRuby

Posted by arungupta on July 11, 2008 at 9:55 AM PDT

A couple of emails to achieve Single Sign On using Sun Access Manager
in a Rails app - that's pretty cool! A brief summary of the solution is:

Warbler builds a war
file out of your Rails app using jruby-rack. Drop your .jar libraries
in the rails lib dir. Muck with your web.xml so you can make it use a
filter. Drop the .war file on your server. Done. A little method called
servlet_request is now magically available to you. Call
servlet_request.getUserPrincipal : it's populated. It's not magic- it's

Read complete details href="">here.
And guess what, this is deployed on GlassFish

The blog summarizes the power of Java and agility of JRuby/Rails:

Anyway, that's why JRuby
is even more awesome. Let them write Java- I'll call it if I need it.

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They really, really, really need to make Sun Access Manager/OpenSSO accessible to folks without a PhD in web security and cryptography. We wanted to add some SSO to our project, and OpenSSO was simply unaccessible. It was very difficult to know where to start.

On the contrary, I was able to get CAS integrated in less than an hour.