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GlassFish @ Berlin-Brandenburg JUG and TU Berlin

Posted by arungupta on August 22, 2008 at 5:37 AM PDT

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I'll be providing an overview of href="">GlassFish -
engineering update on v2 and v3, adoption & success stories,
and the vibrant community around it at a joint href=";id=240568">Berlin-Brandenburg
JUG and href="">TU-Berlin
meet on Sep 3, 2008.
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The coordinates are:

Wednesday, September 3rd

17:30-ca. 19:30

Room FR5516, Technical University of Berlin

Franklinstrasse 28/29

10587 Berlin

The directions are href=",+28+berlin&sll=51.151786,10.415039&sspn=8.32859,26.345215&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=addr">available
and please register href=";id=240568">here.

Thanks to Daniel
( href="">Sun's
Campus Ambassador in Berlin) & href="">Ralph
Bergman for coordinating this! And many thanks to
ever-energetic and highly-connected Aaron Houston ( href="">JUG Program
Coordinator) for initiating the link :)

And of course, I'll also be speaking at href="">Rails
Conf Europe 2008 on href="">Rails
Powered by GlassFish.

Anybody knows good running trails around href="">Jolly
Hotel ?

UPDATE: The venue has changed to a different room. The new room now is FR3003 in the same building.

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Thanks a lot Thomas for the recommendation! I had a great run and blogged about it at: I don't think we met so far :)

Hi Arun, regarding running trails: just follow the river Spree westward, the river banks themselves are nice (passing Reichstag=parliament, Bundeskanzleramt=chancellor and Bundespräsidialamt=president), but, if you need more space you can later enter the big park "Tiergarten" ... looking forward to seeing you in Berlin! Thomas