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GlassFish @ Rails Conf Europe 2008

Posted by arungupta on August 14, 2008 at 6:39 AM PDT

alt="RailsConf Europe 2008" title="RailsConf Europe 2008"
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Sun Microsystems
is a diamond sponsor of href="">Rails Conf
Europe 2008 and we'll be there!

Here is the list of Sun sessions:

  • Tuesday, 9/2/2008
    • href="">Take
      the JRuby Challenge: Deploy Your Rails Application with JRuby and Taste
      the Difference, 13:30, Saul Maritim A
  • Wednesday, 9/3/2008
    • href="">JRuby:
      The Other Red Meat, 10:45 - 11:30, Saal 2
    • href="">Achieving
      High Throughput and Scalability with JRuby on Rails, 13:40 -
      14:25, Saal 2
    • href="">Meet
      the Sun You Don't Know, 16:45, Saul Maritim ABC
  • Thursday, 9/4/2008
    • href="">Developing
      Ruby and Rails Applications with the NetBeans IDE, 10:45 -
      11:30, Saul Maritim C
    • href="">Rails
      powered by GlassFish, 13:40 - 14:25, Saul Maritim B

You can also meet us in the href="">Exhibit

Here are some quick pointers:

  • Rails
    Conf Europe 
  • href="">Schedule
    ( href=""> style="text-decoration: underline;">create-your-personal)
  • href="">Promotion
  • Bratwurst-on-Rails
    (Pre-conference socializing)
  • href="">Rails
    Conf Blog

And here are some references to get started with href="">GlassFish and href="">NetBeans:

And I have 92
blog entries
, just on Rails!

Conf Berlin 2007
sure was lot of fun ( href="">Day
1, href="">2
and href="">3)
and now looking forward to a "Sun"tastic conference ahead :)

Drop a comment if any JUGs or Ruby Meetups would like to meet during
that time.

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