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LOTD #3: Rails 2.2 going multi-threaded

Posted by arungupta on August 19, 2008 at 6:26 AM PDT

Rails 2.2 is
slated to href="">become
multi-threaded. What does it mean for
JRuby users ? Charles Nutter explains it:

What Thread-Safe Rails Means

One of the key points from the blog is:

Rails deployments on
JRuby will use 1/Nth the amount of memory they use
now, where N is the number of thread-unsafe Rails instances currently
required to handle concurrent requests. Even compared to green-threaded
implementations running thread-safe Rails, it willl likely use 1/Mth
the memory where M is the number of cores, since it can parallelize
happily across cores with only "one" instance.

development and GlassFish
deployment already provide an href="">ideal
environment for Rails deployment.

All previous entries in this series are archived at href="">LOTD.

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