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LOTD #6: Rails Deployment on GlassFish in 4 steps and 15 minutes

Posted by arungupta on August 27, 2008 at 4:05 PM PDT

Charlie href="">describes,
in 4 easy steps, how to deploy any Rails
application on GlassFish:

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The main steps are:

Step 1: The App Server

Step 2: Package your App

Step 3: Deploy your application

Step 4: Tweaking (Optional)

And it should only take 15 minutes on GlassFish v2!

The conclusion of the blog is:

this walkthrough clears up some confusion around JRuby on Rails
deployment to an app server. It's really a simple process, despite the
not-so-simple history surrounding Enterprise Application Servers, and
GlassFish almost makes it fun :)

The next version, GlassFish
, allows Rails application to be deployed natively, i.e. no
packaging is required. You create a Rails application and run it - just
the way you are used to! Read all about it href="">here.

All previous entries in this series are archived at href="">LOTD.

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