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LOTD #9: Advantages of JRuby over MRI

Posted by arungupta on September 27, 2008 at 2:18 PM PDT

Andreas blogged about why he href="">likes
JRuby even though he dislikes Java.

JRuby is "It's just
Ruby" with more than 50,000 tests to ensure MRI compliance. The blog
highlights that there is no need to know Java, at all, to run JRuby.
Here are
some advantages that are described in the blog:

  1. JVM runtime optimization
  2. Efficient memory usage
  3. Native threads to spread work on multiple cores
  4. Great garbage collection to make memory usage more efficient
  5. JIT and AOT compilation
  6. Inegration with Java libraries
  7. Running Rails applications on existing Java application
  8. Documentation and specs

Read more details href="">here.

Do you know Rails applications can be deployed (without any packaging)
on GlassFish v3 ? Check out more details href="">here.

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