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LOTD #9: Slides for Deploying and Monitoring Ruby on Rails Tutorial @ Rails Conf Europe 2008

Posted by arungupta on September 23, 2008 at 9:55 PM PDT

During href="">Rails
Conf Europe 2008 href="">
Day 1 I attended an excellent tutorial on href="">Deploying
and Monitoring Ruby on Rails. The session very clearly
explained the several deployment options with Rails. My notes from the
session are href="">here
and the slides are now href="">available. 

Here are couple of snapshots from the slide:



The complete set of slides from Rails Conf Europe 2008 are available href="">here.

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Hello headius, much thanks for you answer - that helped much. We'll rewrite our test-app and start the evaluation. Bye!

Jochen: I think you've mostly figured it out; you'll want to put the images somewhere else, since the deploy directory is intended to be pretty much read-only. I'll let others comment on the recommended ways to do this.

Hi Arun, i enjoyed your talk at rails conf very much and we are very close to start an evaluation of jruby/glassfish deployment. But there is one question that remained during my investigations. Since the whole application is packed in a war-file also the public folder will. We tend to put user uploads there and i'm not shure if this will still be usable with war-file deployment. Would it be necessary to store the file elsewhere or is it still possible to put the uploads in the public folder? Bye and many thanks! Jochen