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Rails Conf Europe 2008 - Day 3

Posted by arungupta on September 5, 2008 at 10:17 PM PDT

Last day of Rails Conf Europe 2008 ( href="">Day
1 & href="">Day
2), and it's finally over!

David Black's opening session talked about href="">Ruby
and Rails Symposium: Versions, Implementations, and the Future.
Here is a brief summary of MRI Ruby versions:

  • Ruby 1.8.6
    • Bread and butter for many of us
  • 1.8.7
    • 1.8 with lots of backported 1.9 features
    • Help with migration to 1.9
    • Not gaining traction, is it ?
  • 1.9.0
    • First release of 1.9
    • Not particularly feature stable
    • Not in wide production use.
  • 1.9.1
    • Feature freeze 9/25
    • Release Christmas 2008 (planned)
    • Expected to be more stable

talk showed some of the new features coming up in Ruby 1.9.x. An
informal survey of audience indicated the following numbers:

  • 4 - How many are using 1.8.7 ?
  • 98% - How many are using 1.8.6 ?
  • 1 - How many are using 1.9.0 ?
  • 4 - Tried 1.8.7 and not switching
  • 3 - Tried 1.9 and not switching
  • 85% - Never tried 1.9

is an alternative implementation of Ruby that runs on Java VM.
 And when prompted, I quoted all the JRuby numbers (75% memory
improvement with upcoming Rails 2.2, 33,000 assertions from Ruby Spec
and 22,000 tests for Ruby 1.8.6 compliance, Ongoing work on Ruby 1.9
compliance). JRuby "It's just Ruby" - knowing Java is not a
pre-requisite to run JRuby for your Ruby or Rails applications!

In  href="">Developing
Ruby and Rails applications with the NetBeans IDE
talk, Erno & Petr showed all the cool features of Ruby/Rails
editing, syntax highlighting, debugging, project creation, refactoring
and many more. You can find all about it href="">here.

powered by GlassFish talk was well attended. The slides are
available href="">here
and if you attended the session, please href="">rate
it here. I value your feedback. Some of the excerpts from the
talk are:

  • href="">GlassFish
    v3 Gem for development and deployment
  • href="">Auto-configure
    Runtime Pooling
  • Rails deployment on href="">GlassFish
  • href="">WAR-based
  • href="">JDBC
    Connection Pooling
  • href="">Comet
    in Rails
  • Popular Apps in Rails ( href="">Typo,
  • href="">JRuby/GlassFish
    Success Stories
  • Hudson
    - Extensilbe CI Engine
  • href="">JRuby/GlassFish
  • FREE
    Rails/GlassFish hosting for 12 months
  • href="">Why
    Rails on GlassFish ?

Let us know by sending an email to href="">
if you are using JRuby or GlassFish or JRuby and GlassFish in
production. We'll be happy to feature you on href="">

2.0.4 and 2.1.1 were released during the
conference. Now I need to start working on all the different blogs
promised earlier this week :)

Here are some pictures from Day 3:

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style="width: 288px; height: 216px;" alt=""
style="width: 288px; height: 216px;" alt=""

And finally the complete photo album:

height="192" width="288">

Next stop - Braaaazzzil!

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