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GlassFish @ Silicon Valley Code Camp 2008

Posted by arungupta on November 4, 2008 at 11:47 AM PST

href=""> src=""
alt="CodeCamp at FootHill College. Click Here for Details and Registration"

Sun Microsystems
is a sponsor of Silicon Valley Code Camp,
Nov 8-9,

More than 1000 attendees have already registered and numbers
are expected to bump up.

There are three sessions by the GlassFish

  • href="">GlassFish:
    On a mission to please developers, Room 4211, Saturday, 1:45pm
  • href="">Metro:
    Hello World to .NET interoperable Web Services, Room 4211,
    Satrday, 3:45pm
  • href="">Rails
    powered by GlassFish, Room 4211, Saturday, 5:15pm

The code camp follows six principles:

  • by and for the developer community
  • always free
  • community developed material
  • no fluff – only code
  • community ownership
  • never occur during working hours

And then there is wireless, lunch on both days, excellent
networking, and Saturday night barbecue - everything free. Check out
the complete href="">session
schedule and more details href="">here.

If you are
local to bayarea, why would you not come ? :)


A mashup on the main
shows speakers and attendees geographical distribution.
This is created using JSON feeds for href="">Attendees
ZIP.  A snapshot is shown below:


A similar href="">feed
for sessions for is also available for and includes
presentation date/time, associated tags and similar information. Would
you like to create a fancy session viewer ? If chosen, it'll be
highlighted at the conference.

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