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LOTD #14: New Whitepaper: GlassFish High Availability Reference Configurations for a Virtualized Environment

Posted by arungupta on November 24, 2008 at 4:39 PM PST

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GlassFish v2 allows you to configure href="">cluster
of multiple nodes/instances to meet various availability
requirements, from the highly scalable service availability
configuration to the
business-critical, 99.999% service-and-data availability configuration.
A cluster can be deployed using different toplogies with a choice of
service/data availability, in-Memory/HADB, co-located/non-colocated and
other factors. This new white paper explains reference configurations
on that can be used for deploying business services.

Access it href="">here!

All previous entries in this series are archived at href="">LOTD.

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