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"Sparks of passion" in the "world of Open Source" - Archana N contributes to GlassFish Documentation

Posted by arungupta on January 30, 2009 at 6:33 AM PST

Interested in contributing to open source ? Archana N has a
recommendation for you:

Flame the sparks of
passion in you,

Experience the world of
Open Source anew.

Discover your potentials
as they unfold,

Venture to contribute in
the technologies untold.

Archana N is an ex- href="">Sun
Campus Ambassador from href="">Amrita Vishwa
Vidyapeetham, India. Recently she contributed on how to
secure href="">the
existing EJB converter example from the Java EE tutorial

using mutual authentication. She continue to work on developing RESTful
web services using Project
as her next contribution for href="">GlassFish

The GlassFish
Documentation team
published her interview to recognize the
efforts, read it href="">here.

Thank you Archana for your contribution to href="">GlassFish, keep the

If you are interested in learning/talking about GlassFish at your
provides a comprehensive set of slides (with speaker notes), demos,
screencasts, training materials and other resources to get you started!

Technorati: href="">glassfish

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